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Trainings in Ghana

Samuel Kyeremah, Director of PRN in Ghana

On October 28-29, 2020 an HBB class was held in Ghana. A second class, ECEB, took place on November 5-6, 2020. There were five facilitators and forty students.

At the end of the HBB program providers were able to:

  • Follow the action plan and understand the principles

  • Demonstrate mastery in all the skills involved in the HBB Action Plan.

  • Understand the linkage between HBB materials

  • Understand the linkages between HBB curriculum and the maternal and newborn health programs

  • Identify resource gaps in the facility to be addressed by management and PRN in order to implement HBB.

At the end of the ECEB program providers were able to:

  • Explain the interactions that occurs between a pair of participants

  • Understand and utilize the linkages among ECEB materials and Ghana Health Service materials.

  • Identify key messages of ECEB and successfully carry out all the exercises

  • Demonstrate mastery on essential newborn care and successfully complete the evaluation forms.


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