Board of Directors

Sarah Sexton
Vice President

Sarah Sexton, Midwife, EMT-B. Sarah is a homebirth midwife living in Stanwood, Washington and working with a private practice in northwest Washington. She has a bachelor's degree in International Rescue and Relief, and has practiced international healthcare while living at a rural hospital in Chad, birth clinic in the Philippines, rural health clinics in the northeast jungles of Nicaragua, and disaster relief worldwide. She is passionate about helping moms and babies everywhere experience safe and joyful births, and supporting and training local birth attendants to gain skills to continue the great work they are already doing in their communities. This is her third year on the board with PRN and she has assisted with PRN trainings in Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and the US. When she is not catching babies or traveling abroad, you will most likely find her deep in the mountains no matter the season, whitewater rafting, road tripping, trail bumming on the Pacific Crest Trail, kayaking in the San Juan Islands.

Deanne Hufnagel
Board Member

I am a Pediatrician currently practicing at Sanford Children’s Clinic in Klamath Falls, OR; owned by Sanford World Clinics out of Sioux Falls, SD.  I received my Doctorate of osteopathic medicine from LECOM and completed my Pediatric Residency at UT Southwestern-Austin in 2014. During Residency, I contributed to implementing a Global Health track into our program and over the years I have been involved in several discrete missions and volunteer opportunities abroad including work in Costa Rica (Michigan State University), Peru (CarismaPeru), Guatemala (Dr. Erick Estrada, Salud Que Transforma), Honduras (Clinica Esperanza), and India (Himalayan Health Exchange).  I work with my husband, also a Pediatrician with a passion for Global Children’s Health, and during this past year we became Master Trainers for Helping Babies Survive through the AAP.  We are now working on implementing HBS in Ghana with Sanford World Clinics.  I am very excited to be a part of PRN and to further collaborate in our shared passions and goals!

Janelle Gardner RN, MSN, PhD

I taught obstetrics for over 20 years at California State University, Chico and have 18 years of clinical experience in obstetrics.  I am an avid traveler and have led groups of physicians, nurses, and nursing students to India, Kenya, Cuba, China, Costa Rica, and Mexico. I've also participated in medical volunteer work in Haiti, Thailand, Kenya, and Fiji.I am passionate about lowering maternal and newborn mortality rates. I have given numerous presentations at international and national nursing conferences and have published a dozen articles in nursing journals. 

Kristin Crosby
Board Member

An accomplished Emergency/Trauma Nurse, Kristin has lead what is recognized as one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the United States- Los Angelos County Hospital. She currently serves on the Regional Emergency Nurses Assoication council and is working towards a Doctorate in Nursing Practice with a specialization in Leadership. She has taught many simulation based skills including Emergency Nurses Pediatric Curriculum, and various Trauma Simulations. Traveling to resource limited areas in order to problem solve with other passionate health care leaders is her passion and we have enjoyed her invigorating style of teaching at almost all of our projects including those in Rwanda, DRC, Guam, Nigeria, and Ghana. 

James Hulse, PhD, RT 

James Hulse (Jim) loves his wife, loves to garden, loves to work, loves God and is very proud to be associated with other people who make the Perinatal Rescue Network effective. Jim currently works as a respiratory therapist for Asante Ashland Community Hospital where he attends Cesarean Sections and under-water deliveries. He also works as an online graduate level faculty member for courses in Allied Health through Oregon Institute of Technology.  Jim recently retired from teaching respiratory therapy full time for Oregon Institute of Technology where he loved to organize laboratory simulations involving neonatal resuscitation, CPAP, Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation and transports. Jim served as a research mentor for three nurses working on their graduate degrees in International Development and Administration. Jim Holds a PhD in Leadership and a Masters of Public Health. He holds the Neonatal and Pediatric Specialist credential through the National Board for Respiratory Care. He is a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor and a Master Trainer in Helping Babies Breathe, Essential Care for Every Baby and Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding After Birth.  Jim has traveled to provide workshops Nigeria, Rwanda and in North Vietnam.  He is a current peer reviewer for the journal Respiratory Care and has published two editorials related to the care of newborns in that journal. Jim desires to collaborate with midwives, birth attendants, nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors and others to provide high quality education that has been demonstrated to reduce the number of babies and mothers that die around the world.       

Marilyn Gran-Moravec
Board Member

I am a Master Trainer in Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) and Essential Care for Every Baby (ECEB).  I believe that it is essential for health-care providers to go beyond local boundaries and learn how to address health care needs in other areas of the world.  I teach nursing at Oregon Health and Sciences University on the Klamath Falls (Oregon Institute of Technology) campus.  I have worked with others to teach nursing students HBB and ECEB.  As a professional mentor, I have accompanied Engineers Without Borders to Tanzania over the past few years to provide health care in low resource areas.  I am dedicated to the mission of PRN and look forward to traveling and providing more workshops, nationally and globally.   

Board Member

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