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Board of Directors

Sarah Sexton


I am passionate about helping moms and babies everywhere experience safe and joyful births! Whether it is through the homebirth midwifery I have engaged in with families in the Northwest United States for 4 years, or through teaching and working with maternal healthcare providers worldwide, I hope that I am leaving families and communities feeling empowered. I studied International Rescue & Relief in college and added midwifery training while living in the Philippines for 3 years working at a birth center, and have been involved in disaster relief and international medical care for the last 14 years. I have volunteered in trainings with PRN for a number of years now, in many of our African locations. In January 2021 I moved long-term to the country of Chad working as a midwife in a rural community and beginning a non-profit to aid in humanitarian needs. I look forward to continuing to engage with our board internationally in 2022!

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Joyce Vogel
Vice President

I’ve been a midwife for over 16 years in a small town in North West Montana. I love traveling and teaching “Helping Babies Breathe” and other midwifery subjects whenever I get a chance. I’m a mother to 11 children and Grandma to 20. I love to garden, cook and I’m involved in my church with several ministries.

Maren Lee
James Hulse, PhD, RT 
Equipment Manager

Bio coming soon.

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Emily Spores
Board Member

Emily Spores, Licensed Midwife, IBCLC

Learning about the maternal and infant mortality crisis that so much of the world is facing pushed me into pursuing midwifery. I spent two years in the Philippines volunteering at a birth center while doing my midwifery training, worked stateside for about 4 years as a midwife, and am preparing to move long-term overseas to work with refugees. I have taught reproductive anatomy and women’s health teachings locally and in communities around the world. I believe education is so important and I am excited to be a part of PRN, to support and provide education for local birth attendants that will impact individuals and communities around the world. 

Kelsey Zuppan
Board Member

Hey there! I love traveling, by foot to the top of mountains or by moto to remote villages across the globe. I have a passion for people, mountains, and international humanitarian work. I am an ER nurse by trade, and since connecting with Perinatal Rescue Network have been delighted to collaborate in neonatal and maternal health education in seveal developing countries. I am a huge fan of the Helping Babies Breathe program. It is simple, practical, requires minimal resources, and makes a huge difference in a newborn's chance at life! I look forward to the continued adventures of improving health and wellness across the globe. Cheers!

James Hulse (Jim) loves his wife, loves to garden, loves to work, loves God and is very proud to be associated with other people who make the Perinatal Rescue Network effective. Jim currently works as a respiratory therapist for Asante Ashland Community Hospital where he attends Cesarean Sections and under-water deliveries. He also works as an online graduate level faculty member for courses in Allied Health through Oregon Institute of Technology.  Jim recently retired from teaching respiratory therapy full time for Oregon Institute of Technology where he loved to organize laboratory simulations involving neonatal resuscitation, CPAP, Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation and transports. Jim served as a research mentor for three nurses working on their graduate degrees in International Development and Administration. Jim Holds a PhD in Leadership and a Masters of Public Health. He holds the Neonatal and Pediatric Specialist credential through the National Board for Respiratory Care. He is a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor and a Master Trainer in Helping Babies Breathe, Essential Care for Every Baby and Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding After Birth.  Jim has traveled to provide workshops Nigeria, Rwanda and in North Vietnam.  He is a current peer reviewer for the journal Respiratory Care and has published two editorials related to the care of newborns in that journal. Jim desires to collaborate with midwives, birth attendants, nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors and others to provide high quality education that has been demonstrated to reduce the number of babies and mothers that die around the world.       

Board Member

Bio Coming Soon

Kim McQuiod, MSN CNM/FNP
Board Member

It is clear to me that the health of women/girls and their families is paramount. This will  ensure the health of our communities, our countries and globally.

My work with women and their families had spanned 38 years. My love and dedication in promoting health and wellness to women and their families has taken me from rural communities in southern Illinois to the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky, to the heart of Navajo country working with the native Americans. It has also taken me to Bangladesh working with the Rohingya refugees and mentoring Bangladeshi midwives. As a nurse midwifery educator, I worked in India in academia, educating and mentoring  Indian midwifery students and nurse midwifery educator trainees. I also mentored Indian OB residences in OB emergencies and put on workshops on respectful maternity care.

In this life work, I have gotten so much from the women that I serve. In the gentle touch and exchange of human energy, my soul has been enriched and deepened.

My work also includes:
1) teaching Helping Babies breath, Helping Mother Survive Complete and Preeclampsia/Eclampsia to student midwives and home birth midwives,
2) being a primary care practitioner and nurse midwife providing health care to women and their family throughout their lives,
3) bringing awareness to violence against women and girls
4) working as a sexual assault forensic nurse examiner in three emergency

In my down time, I love to run, hike, garden, quilt and spend time with my life partner Mark and our son Ian.

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