Board of Directors

Sarah Sexton


I am passionate about helping moms and babies everywhere experience safe and joyful births! Whether that is through the homebirth midwifery I engage in here in the Northwest United States, or through teaching and working with maternal healthcare providers worldwide, I hope that I am leaving families and communities feeling empowered. I studied International Rescue & Relief in college and added midwifery training while living in the Philippines for 3 years working at a birth center, and have been involved in disaster relief and international medical care for the last 13 years. I have engaged in trainings with PRN for a number of years now, in many of our African locations. Soon I will be moving abroad to the country of Chad working as a midwife long-term in a rural community, and look forward to engaging with our board internationally!

Lisa Cordova, FNP, MIDA, RN
Vice President

Family Nurse Practitioner at Adventist Health Feather River Clinic, Paradise, CA


My interest in PRN, specifically, I enjoy meeting other health care workers and women’s health advocates from various parts of the world. It has been a pleasure to be a part in the founding team of PRN and to work closely with our country directors in Nigeria and Ghana

Emily Spores
Board Member

Licensed Midwife


Learning about the maternal and infant mortality crisis that so much of the world is facing pushed me into pursuing midwifery. I spent two years in the Philippines volunteering at a birth center while doing my midwifery training. I have taught reproductive anatomy and women’s health teachings locally and in communities around the world. I believe education is so important and I am excited to be a part of PRN, to support and provide education that will impact individuals and communities around the world.

James Hulse, PhD, RT 
Equipment Manager

James Hulse (Jim) loves his wife, loves to garden, loves to work, loves God and is very proud to be associated with other people who make the Perinatal Rescue Network effective. Jim currently works as a respiratory therapist for Asante Ashland Community Hospital where he attends Cesarean Sections and under-water deliveries. He also works as an online graduate level faculty member for courses in Allied Health through Oregon Institute of Technology.  Jim recently retired from teaching respiratory therapy full time for Oregon Institute of Technology where he loved to organize laboratory simulations involving neonatal resuscitation, CPAP, Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation and transports. Jim served as a research mentor for three nurses working on their graduate degrees in International Development and Administration. Jim Holds a PhD in Leadership and a Masters of Public Health. He holds the Neonatal and Pediatric Specialist credential through the National Board for Respiratory Care. He is a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor and a Master Trainer in Helping Babies Breathe, Essential Care for Every Baby and Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding After Birth.  Jim has traveled to provide workshops Nigeria, Rwanda and in North Vietnam.  He is a current peer reviewer for the journal Respiratory Care and has published two editorials related to the care of newborns in that journal. Jim desires to collaborate with midwives, birth attendants, nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors and others to provide high quality education that has been demonstrated to reduce the number of babies and mothers that die around the world.       

Kim McQuoid, MSN CNM/FNP
Board Member

My work with women and their families had spanned 38 years. My love and dedication in promoting health and wellness to women and their families has taken me from rural communities in southern Illinois to the Appalachian mountain of eastern Kentucky, to the heart of Navajo country, to the rural areas of Oregon and to Bangladesh and India. 

   In this life work,  I have gotten so much from the women that I serve. In the gentle touch and exchange of human energy, my soul has been enriched and deepened. Whether teaching helping babies breath, helping mother survive and preeclampsia or being a woman’s midwife throughout her pregnancy and birth or bringing awareness to violence against women and girls or through changing bylaws in hospitals to recognize nurse midwives are independent practitioners with full admitting privileges, it is clear that the health of mothers and her families come first. 

  In my down time, I love to run, hike, garden and spend time with my life partner Mark and my son Ian.

Pam Rossio
Board Member

My name is Pam Rossio.  I am a Certified Nurse Midwife and an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  I enjoy being on the PRN board because I feel that is extremely important to get training to individuals who care for mamas and babies.  PRN allows me to help support and train individuals to keep mothers and babies safe.

Janelle Gardner RN, MSN, PhD
Board Member

I taught obstetrical nursing for over 20 years at California State University, Chico and have 18 years of clinical experience in obstetrics.  I am an avid traveler and have led groups of physicians, nurses, and nursing students to India, Kenya, Cuba, China, Costa Rica, and Mexico. I've also participated in medical volunteer work in Haiti, Thailand, Kenya, and Fiji. I have given numerous presentations at international and national nursing conferences and have published a dozen articles in nursing journals. I am passionate about lowering maternal and newborn mortality rates. PRN is an excellent organization because it is offering high quality education around the globe and is increasing the survival rates of mothers and their babies. I am proud to be a board member of PRN.

Kristin Crosby
Board Member
Maren Lee
Board Member
Kyeremeh Samuel Kwaku 
Program Director for Ghana

I am proud and honored to be part of an organization that uses simple equipment to train and equip birth attendants at all levels to prevent maternal and infant mortality and morbidity across the globe.

Samson (Chief) Popoola 
Program Director for Nigeria.

Provost, College of Health Technology in Nigeria

I am happy to partner with PRN because they educate and advocate for safe motherhood and improving the safe delivery of babies. I am interested in helping the developing countries to reduce maternal mortality through capacity building and provision of essential equipment and supplies for training and care.