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HBB Course in Kenya

In February 2021 Joyce Vogel taught Helping Babies Breathe in Kenya. Here is her report:

Thursday (February 4) was my last full day in Kenya so I did 2 full classes in one day! It was a very long day, with classes all day, plus packing and of course a goodbye dinner with a few of my friends.

The first class was faculty. The teachers, principal, head of maternity nursing, etc. I was a little nervous teaching the teachers. I started out my class with how you wash your hands. I'm sure they were wondering what they got themselves into! But as the hours went on, they were all very happy and enjoyed the class. What a huge blessing to see these teachers take the class so they can teach updated practices!

The class included updated info on delayed cord clamping, directed pushing, positioning of mom in labor and second stage, benefits of skin to skin. The use of the bulb syringe is a huge change for these teachers and midwives. Then when to use and not use chest compressions. We did a lot of practice on our manikin babies and giving exams to the facility went quite fast.

My second class on Thursday was students that specifically requested I would squeeze them in because they had heard so much about the class. The principal asked me if there was any way I could teach a class for them on Thursday. It was a lot to try to do in one day, but in this case, it's better that they get most of the class than nothing because the likelihood that they will have to resuscitate a baby here is high.

Once I was finished with my morning class, I could barely think to start again, but we did!! I wasn't able to show them all the movies, but they took a list and told me they would find a way to watch them.

I couldn't have done it without help from the other volunteers that stepped in once in awhile to help me give examinations. I loved how Rianne gave scenarios to make the students think what they would do if it was a "car birth" or "if you're in a remote clinic."

We finished the school day with a little graduation for all the students that all got a certificate!

All together with nurses, nursing students and faculty I was able to teach certify 65 people!!! Now 65 people now know how to help a baby who is not breathing at birth. They now know shaking a baby or holding upside down is not the right way to help a baby breathe.

I am extremely thankful God gave me this amazing opportunity. It was exactly what I was hoping for!


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