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Helping Babies Breathe in Chogoria, Kenya

In July 2018, a Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) class was provided at Village HopeCore International in Chogoria, Kenya. Village HopeCore International is a community health and poverty eradication program that has been operating in eastern Kenya since 2001. Their services reach more than 100,000 individuals in over 500 villages in this rural area. Twenty-five nurses and community healthcare workers were trained in HBB over a 2-day period by Trish Kohan, Nabha Goldfeder and Marilyn Gran-Moravec. The participants were excited about their new skills and knowledge. Their gratitude was a overwhelming. Two HopeCore nurses were identified as champions and will provide refresher courses on a regular basis to keep the healthcare workers’ HBB skills up to date.

Marilyn Gran-Moravec


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