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PRN Training in Ghana and Nigeria

by Lisa Cordova

The team from the USA arrived to Accra on 11/2 via SAA. Then they took a flight via AWA to Kumasi. They waited for about 2 hours before beginning the 3-hour drive from Kumasi to Wamfie via a hospital vehicle.

On 11/3 the visiting team rested, were provided a tour of the Wamfie (Dormaa East District Hospital) and a moto tour of the surrounding village. They were also given permission to stand-in on a C-section by hospital administration and observed successful newborn resuscitation techniques guided by HBB.

On 11/4 the Training of Trainers was provided in which 4 of 5 participants obtained Champion status in HMS and then were given HMS materials to study for the provision of three observed trainings.

On 11/5 the hospital provided an Opening Ceremony to welcome the trainings with various stakeholders attending including the Principal and a tutor of the Presbyterian School of Nursing/Midwifery Dormaa, and the Chief Nana Diamono Asamoah Korkorti, as well as Chief Medical Director of Wamfie District Hospital. There were 21 participants of the Champion Course that represented the following health facilities: DEDH, St. Mathews Clinic, DEDH, Jinijini Health Center, HFH- Berekrum, Dormaa west district hospital-Nkrankwanta, Asuotiano CHPS, Botokrom clinic (midwives representing 8 different facilities).

On 11/6 the trainers were observed providing a Champion HMS course for 20 participants. These participants consisted mostly of midwives from the following health facilities: Mpatasie CHPS, Koraso Clinic, Namasua clinic, DEDH, Asuotiano CHPS, Dormaa Akwamu, Berekum Akrofro, Berekum West Amomaso, St. Mathews Clinic and Zongo HC (10 different facilities). The team also donated a penguin suction device and a bag and mask each to Mpatatasie Chps, Nanasuano clinic, jinijini HC, Akrofro HC, Botokrom HC, and Asuotiano HC (6 different facilities benefited).

On 11/7 the trainers were observed providing a Champion HMS course for 13 champions with the majority from DEDH and one from Jinijini Health Clinic. The international visiting team was invited to Chief Nana Diamono Asamoah Korkorti- he personally greeted and assured complete support for Perinatal Rescue Network trainings within the region. The International team also visited the Dormaa Presbyterian SON and Midwifery. They were lent 5 Mama Natalies and Neo Natalies- as 1 of the trainers for our program is from this school. The intent is to implement the trainings into the student curriculum. He requested the formal donation of enough materials to support a lab of 40 students. The total number of students enrolled is approx. 672 this year. They would like 6 Mama Natalies and 20 Neo Natalie manikins. There are 6 educators that provide support for labs at this school.

On 11/8 the international team accompanied Samuel Cheremeh and the CMD of DEDH to Camp15 Junction which is approximately 2 hr drive from Wamfie on rural roads to the site of a newly acquired building for a health facility. The team was addressed by 5 local Chiefs representing different groups of villagers and subsequently held a town hall meeting to brief the villagers at the local church. There was general support demonstrated by the Chief of Security, the local Chiefs and many of the other affluent

persons of the area.

On 11/10 the team returned to airport for departure.


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